Artistic Adventures:Engaging Drawing Games for Kids of All Ages

Kiko Anderson
Drawing games 

Drawing is a fun and hands-on way for children to express themselves, unwind and let their imaginations soar. However, not all kids are equally enthusiastic about drawing – some may find it boring or frustrating. If you’re looking for ways to make drawing enjoyable and engaging for your child, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll share some exciting drawing games that will capture your child’s interest and fuel their artistic adventures.

1. Pictionary

 Pictionary is a classic drawing game that’s perfect for family game night or playdates. The rules are simple – one player draws a word while the others try to guess what it is before the time limit runs out. This game will hone your child’s drawing skills, vocabulary, and quick thinking. You can make it more challenging by choosing harder words or incorporating categories like animals or famous people.

2. Draw and Pass

 This is another fun game that’s perfect for playing in groups. One player begins by drawing something on a piece of paper, then passes it to the next player who continues the drawing, and so on. The end result is usually hilarious and unpredictable. You can set a time limit or rotate the papers in a circle to keep it exciting.

3. Drawing Prompts

 If your child struggles with coming up with ideas for drawings, then drawing prompts might be the solution. These are lists of open-ended prompts like “Draw your favorite animal in a silly costume” or “Draw a magical world in outer space.” You can find free printable prompts online or make your own with your child’s interests in mind.

4. Collaborative Drawing Games

 This is a unique game that encourages teamwork and imagination. One player starts by drawing a small section of a picture, then passes it to the next player who adds to it, and so on. The end result can be a funky, collaborative masterpiece that showcases everyone’s individual style. This game is great for building communication skills and encouraging kids to work together.

5. Kids Blind Contour Drawing

 This game is all about precision and observation. In this game, one player chooses an object or scene to draw and then draws it without lifting their pen from the paper or looking at what they are drawing. This game is low-stakes, so there’s no pressure to create a “perfect” drawing. It’s perfect for training your child’s eye and hand coordination.


Drawing can be a wonderful and engaging activity for kids of all ages, fostering their creativity and imagination. These games are just a few examples of how you can make drawing fun and exciting for your child. To complement your child’s artistic journey and ensure their digital safety, consider Troomi Wireless—a secure smartphone designed specifically for kids with strong parental controls. With Troomi, kids can access approved KidSmart® Apps like Sketchbook and Happy Color, allowing them to enjoy drawing games safely wherever they go. Troomi Wireless not only nurtures creativity but also provides a protected digital environment, empowering parents to confidently support their child’s artistic talents while ensuring a safe online experience. Let your child’s imagination soar with Troomi by their side!

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