A Phone to Fit Your Life: Flexible Schedules On Troomi Phones

Jennifer Johnson

For most of us, our weekend schedule looks very different from our weekday schedule, and the same applies to our kids—even during the summer, right? Setting schedules and routines is an important part of helping our kids learn responsibility, not to mention the benefits of them simply knowing what to expect in their lives.

So why not take advantage of all those benefits when it comes to your child’s Troomi phone? Troomi makes it easy to set not just screen time limits but also app time limits and daily schedules in the Parent Portal. This way you can set up a consistent schedule for phone use and let your child know what to expect (and maybe even avoid having to tell your child their screen time is over and having them beg for more). Keep reading to learn more about the awesome options you have for setting schedules on the Troomi phone—all managed on your own phone or desktop in the Parent Portal.

Screen Time Limits. First things first: you can set overall time limits on the device across all functions.The Parent Portal allows you to see overall phone usage and determine what kind of limits to set, so screen time stays at a healthy level.

Your child has started scrolling through their phone as a default when they’re bored? You can encourage them to go outside or spend time with the family in real life—and limit each day’s screen time so it doesn’t get too out of control.

Individual App and Feature Allotments. The same applies to individual apps and phone features. You can set allotments of time for each app, so your kid doesn’t get carried away with, say, Spotify kids, texting, or their favorite educational game. When they reach the time limit, they won’t be able to access that app for the rest of the day.

Time of Day Schedules. Not only can you set time allotments for the day for each app, but you can make apps accessible at certain times of the day. For example, if your child loves to use Sketchbook to practice their drawing skills, but you want to help them pay close attention in math class, you can turn off accessibility to that app during school hours. Or maybe your child is trying to beat their score on Angry Birds, but you want to make sure Angry Birds doesn’t keep them up all night, so you can turn off accessibility to that app after bedtime.

Weekday vs. Weekend. To pull it all together, you can adjust any of these scheduling functions to add a little more flexibility to your family’s weekends. If you’d like to allow more Angry Birds time on the weekend when it won’t distract from homework, you can absolutely do that. This applies both to overall time limits and for time of day access. Your life is flexible, and your child’s phone should be too.

A Phone That Works for You

We’ll just say it: the possibilities are endless, and that’s how we want it to be! The Troomi phone is designed to be a tool for your family, and we’ve designed it to be able to adjust to your family’s needs. So go into the Parent Portal and tinker around a bit! Create the perfect schedule for your child and their needs.