A Phone That Adjusts to Your Family’s Needs

Jennifer Johnson

When is the right time to get your child a cell phone? According to Troomi co-founder and CEO Bill Brady, “The right age really depends on every child and every different family situation.”

Bill was featured on Texas news show Valley Por Vida to talk about keeping kids safe and learning with technology. He talked about the Troomi phone’s ability to grow with your child. Parents can add functionality through the Parent Portal as the child matures. 

“We suggest starting younger kids with a really limited approach of talk and text only, and then introduce more functionality from there,” Bill said.

Troomi’s flexible nature also lets parents set access and time limits for different functions of the phone. 

“With our solution, for example, during the day, you can have it set up so the kids have access to [just] the educational apps,” said Bill. “And then during the off hours you can make other things available.”

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