5 Simple Winter Crafts for Kids To Entertain All Day!

winter crafts for kids

Winter is here and with it comes the holiday season. Kids are thrilled to see snowflakes falling from the sky, but it’s also so cold outside that they can’t spend much time playing in it. As parents, keeping our little ones engaged and entertained indoors throughout the winter season can prove to be a challenge. We want to keep them active and happy without bouncing off the walls. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of easy winter crafts for kids that will keep them occupied during those long, chilly days.

Snowflake Window Clings

Creating snowflakes is a classic winter craft that most of us know how to do. There’s something magical about each flake being unique. Turning them into window clings is a great way to decorate your windows and keep the winter blues out. Simply draw a snowflake pattern on a clear plastic sheet, then use white puff paint to trace the design. Once dry, peel them off and stick them to the windows. Kids will enjoy making different shapes and sizes, especially if you have different color paints.

Painting with Ice

For an exciting sensory experience, painting with ice cubes is always a hit. All you need are a few ice cube trays, food coloring, water, and paper sheets. Mix the food coloring with water and fill each ice cube tray section. Once frozen, remove the ice cubes and let your kids use them as mini “paintbrushes” on their paper. As the ice melts, the colors will blend together creating a unique piece of art. This activity is fun, easy, and has no mess to clean up.

DIY Winter Hats

This winter craft is perfect for older kids who love fashion and want to wear something they made themselves. To create a hat, all you need is a plain beanie or cap and some fabric glue. Cut out shapes, letters, or words from felt fabric and place them on the hat. Use the fabric glue to attach the pieces to the cap and let them dry. Your kids will be proud to wear something unique and chic that they created themselves.

Popsicle-Stick Snowflakes

Creating this winter craft is as easy as pie, but the result is stunning. All you need are popsicle sticks and glue. Arrange the sticks together in any design you like and glue them together. Adding some glitter will make them sparkle and stand out. You could use them as ornaments or simply to decorate your kid’s room. This winter craft is perfect for younger kids, just make sure they have supervision when using the glue.

Winter Candle Holders

Creating winter candle holders is another great way to add a touch of warmth to the cold season. All you need are mason jars or clear jars, paint, some glue, and decorations like ribbon, twine or plastic snowflakes. Let your kids paint the jars with some winter designs and attach the decorations. Add some tea candles inside, light them up, and enjoy the cozy ambiance.


Engaging in winter crafts is a delightful way to foster creativity and strengthen bonds with your children, providing a joyful escape during the colder months. With these five easy winter crafts, kids can embark on the adventure of creating something special and unique, from festive decorations to personalized winter accessories. Troomi phones play a crucial role in this experience, tailored for safety and parental control. They allow children to explore new hobbies and activities without the risks of screen addiction or exposure to harmful content on the internet. Let Troomi be the guide as your kids uncover the inspiration and fun that winter crafts bring. 
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