10 Fun and Educational Pet Games for Kids

Kiko Anderson
pet games for kids

It’s no secret that kids love playing games. But did you know that there are a variety of fun and educational pet games that can help your child learn important skills, such as responsibility, empathy, and patience? Whether your child has a pet at home or just loves animals, these games are sure to provide hours of fun and learning. Keep reading to discover 10 of the best pet games for kids.

1. Vet Visit

 Help your child play vet by setting up a pretend animal hospital. Your child can use stuffed animals or plastic pets to practice checking vital signs, giving shots, and administering medicine. This game is a fun way to teach your child about pet care and the importance of regular vet visits.

2. Treasure Hunt

 Hide treats or toys throughout your house or yard for your pet to find with the help of your child. This activity promotes teamwork between your child and pet and encourages your child to observe their pet’s behavior.

3. Animal Themed Scavenger Hunt

 Another super popular option when it comes to animal games for kids is making a pet themed treasure hunt! Create a list of items that your child can find around the house or neighborhood related to pets, such as a bird’s feather, a squirrel’s acorn, or a dog’s paw print. This game helps children develop observation skills and encourages them to learn more about different types of animals.

4. Tag

 Challenge your child to keep up with your pet by playing a game of tag. This game promotes physical activity, hand-eye coordination, and social skills.

5. Pet Memory Game

 Playing a pet themed memory game is always a kid favorite! Have your child match the cards to develop attention to detail and memorization skills.

6. Pet Obstacle Course

 Create an obstacle course in your yard or living room using household items and toys. Your child can help design and set up the course, and your pet can navigate it to develop coordination and problem-solving skills.

7. Dress Up

 Let your child create costumes for your pet. This game encourages creativity and imagination while also teaching your child about pet grooming and care.

8. Simon Says

 Play the classic game of Simon Says with your child and pet. Your child can use commands such as “Simon says stand up” or “Simon says give your pet a treat” to develop listening and following directions skills.

9. Bubble Themed Pet Games for Kids

 Blow bubbles for your pet to chase. This activity promotes physical activity and can help develop hand-eye coordination.

10. Pet Photography

 Encourage your child to take pictures of your pet using a camera or smartphone. This game promotes observation and creativity skills while also capturing memories that can last a lifetime.

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Playing games with pets is a great way for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Whether your child has a pet at home or just loves animals, these animal games for kids are sure to keep them entertained and engaged for hours on end. And with Troomi Wireless, a safe smartphone for kids that is parent-controlled, your child can have access to Troomi’s approved KidSmart® Apps like Disney+ and YouTube Kids. They can watch shows about dogs wherever they go, further enhancing their love for pets and deepening their understanding of these lovable creatures. So, go ahead and try these games out, and let the fun and learning begin!

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