10 Easy Winter Games for Kids And The Whole Family To Love

winter games for kids

Winter can be a tricky season when it comes to keeping kids active and entertained. With the cold weather and snow-covered ground, it’s not always easy to find activities that are both fun and safe for children to enjoy. But fear not, because we’ve got you covered with our ultimate list of 10 fun winter games for kids that will keep them entertained for hours. Whether you’re looking for high-energy activities or low-key options, indoor or outdoor games, we’ve got so many fun winter games for kids. So, get ready to bundle up and start playing!

Snowball Fight

This classic winter game is perfect for burning off energy and having some fun with friends or family. The best part? You don’t need any special equipment other than snow and gloves. Learn how to make the perfect snowball and practice! Form teams, establish boundaries, and let the snowballs fly!

Ice Skating

This is a winter activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Whether you go to an indoor ice rink or a frozen pond, ice skating is a great way to get some exercise while having fun. Just make sure children wear proper clothing and protective gear.

Snowman Building

This is a winter game that never gets old. Use your creativity to build the biggest or most unique snowman possible. Kids can get creative by finding accessories like stones, sticks, or even old clothing to dress their snowman up.

Snow Maze

Building a snow maze is a challenging and fun activity particularly for older children. Use shovels to create walls out of snow to navigate through. Kids can play in teams or individually, and the first one to reach the end wins.

Sled Racing

 Sledding is both a classic and fun winter activity that everyone can enjoy. Gather some friends or family, grab your sleds, and have a race. The person who makes it the farthest or fastest wins. Just be sure to choose a safe hill free of trees or other hazards.


Snowshoeing is an exciting winter sport that can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. Rent or buy basic snowshoes at an outdoor retailer, and find some outdoor trails to explore. It’s a perfect way to take in the snowy scenery while enjoying a low-impact workout.

Indoor Obstacle Course

When the weather outside is frightful, take the fun indoors by creating an obstacle course using household items such as pillows, chairs, and blankets. Kids will enjoy the challenge of crawling, jumping, and balancing their way through.

Snow Angels

Children love making snow angels in winter; they adore the feeling of the cold, fresh snow beneath them as they create intricate designs in the snow. It’s a fun and imaginative activity that kids will love to repeat again and again.

Ice Fishing

 This winter activity is perfect for older children. If you live near a frozen lake or pond and are feeling brave, try ice fishing. Children can learn patience and concentration whilst also enjoying the outdoors. This activity requires a bit of preparation and caution, so be sure to research and follow safety guidelines before you begin.

Snowball Bowling

 A fun twist on the classic bowling game, snowball bowling takes advantage of the abundance of snow. Build 10 snowmen in a bowling-pin formation and, using snowballs as the ball, take turns knocking them down.


Winter can be a great time to make exciting memories with your kids, doing things you wouldn’t usually do in the warmer months. From snowball fights and sledding to ice skating, snowshoeing, and more, with these 10 fun winter games for kids, you’ll be sure to find an activity that is both safe and enjoyable for children of all ages. Speaking of safety, just as you ensure your kids’ safety during winter playtime, Troomi Wireless offers a “snowmazing” solution for family communication, providing secure phones for kids that allow you to stay connected during your winter adventures. Enjoy the winter fun with Troomi Wireless by your side!
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