10 Best Travel Gifts for Kids to Make Trips a Joyful Experience

travel gifts for kids

Traveling with kids can be an adventure in itself. Kids bring excitement, energy, and loads of joy to every trip. But let’s be honest, traveling with kids is also challenging, especially when they run out of things to do. That’s where travel gifts come into play and make a world of difference. Whether it’s a road trip or a long-haul flight, travel gifts can keep toddlers and older kids entertained, happy, and engaged. Here are the ten best travel gifts for kids that can make their next trip a joyful experience.

Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Set

Kids love coloring, and with this mess-free coloring set, you won’t have to worry about stains or spoiled clothes. The set includes markers and coloring sheets that reveal vibrant colors only on the special paper, making it perfect for airline seats or car rides.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Kid’s Learning Tablet

This tablet is perfect for keeping kids entertained and at the same time helps them learn important skills like reading, math, and science. The tablet features a 7” touchscreen, built-in wifi, and access to hundreds of games, videos, music, and apps.

National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription

Spark your child’s curiosity with this exciting magazine subscription. It can provide hours of entertainment and can be great for reading on flights or during road trips. Each edition features fascinating facts, stunning photos, and animal stories from around the world.

Etch A Sketch

This classic drawing tool is a perfect travel companion for kids. The Etch A Sketch’s flat design makes it easy to pack and carry, and little hands can create beautiful images just by turning the knobs.

Kids’ Travel Journal

Sometimes, experiences are better when they are captured in writing. With a kid’s travel journal, kids can document their trips, their thoughts, and their experiences, and make travel memories that last a lifetime.

Magnetic Building Blocks Set

This building block set includes over 90 pieces of magnetic tiles of different shapes and sizes. It’s a great tool for kids’ creativity and imagination, and with strong magnets, it’s perfect for playing on an airplane tray table or car seat.

Fun Flashlights

Get your little ones excited about exploring the world around them with a fun flashlight. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors that range from safari animals to characters from your favorite children’s stories.

Wordsearch Puzzle Book

Wordsearch puzzle books are excellent for learning new words, improving vocabulary, and enhancing problem-solving skills. With multiple levels of difficulty, kids can solve puzzles that match their level.

Portable DVD Player

A portable DVD player can be a lifesaver on a long plane ride or car trip. With a screen ranging from 7″ to 10″, built-in speakers, headphones, and remote control, kids can watch movies or TV shows at their leisure.

Travel Game Set

A travel game set is a great way to keep kids entertained, and you can choose from a range of classic board games like jigsaw puzzles, card games, and bingo.


When embarking on a family journey, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for kids is paramount, and the right travel gifts can make all the difference. These ten carefully chosen gifts cater to various ages and travel modes, keeping your little ones entertained and happy during the entire adventure, whether it’s by plane, train, or car. As you prepare for your next family trip, consider enhancing the travel experience with Troomi Wireless, a secure smartphone designed for kids. With Troomi, parents can have access to their children’s texts and manage app usage, ensuring not only entertainment but also digital safety on the go. So, pack these travel gifts along with Troomi Wireless, and get ready for a memorable and worry-free family journey. Happy traveling!

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